What Lapbase Measures

Lapbase empowers you to quickly and easily collect and maintain data relating to:



  • Full Patient details
  • Referring doctor details
    Height and weight
  • Calculation of BMI / Ideal Weight./Target weight


  • Date and place of operation, length of stay.
  • Details of all common bariatric operations can be included
  • Other operative details including neck and waist/hip ratio, past abdominal and pelvic surgery and concomitant surgery.


Comorbidity & Complications

  • Excess weight and %EWL with initial weight and BMI displayed.
  • Progress notes as well as complications.
  • Photos,Videos  and Documents can be stored for easy access.
  • Report listing progress of the patient can be printed.
  • Graphs of %EWL and Weight Lost can be produced as well as a letter addressed to each referring doctor.
  • Comorbidities can be tracked at regular intervals
  • Included are all the common major and minor comorbidities commonly tracked following bariatric surgery.
  • Resolution of comorbidity noted by user.

BOLD & COE Reports

  • Lapbase is fully BOLD certified and your data is automatically sent to SRC.
  • All reports required for Center of Excellence able to be produced

All within a HIPPA compliant, easy to operate, web accessible interface.

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